Krowned: Ern Cobain – ALDANA

aldana“Dear drug lord, quick question? If I fall will you offer to catch me?”

Probably not, but this Ern Cobain track is dope as usual and C-Sick did his thing on the production as well. This is just a prelude to how epic Music and Other Drugs will be, when it comes out. Until then, click the cover art to hear the joint.

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Krowned: Dave Amazin – Young Solomon

As I sat and listened to this mixtape, I knew after the first song that I would struggle to find words to describe it. Every word I came up with seemed mediocre in comparison to the art that fills your ears. All 12 tracks are dope, from the lyrics to the production. I could go on and on, but it just wouldn’t do this tape any justice. Click the cover art. Listen away. Download.

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Bittersweet by Gabrielle Shante’

Bitter as hell, but sometimes kinda sweet
 2 different feelings when you dealing w/ me.
Wouldn’t really know it when you first see this smile
 Captivate your mind
Drive your body wild
I know I could of warned you..
Probably should of too..
But you know it gives me something knowing I got my lady hooks in you.
Bitter as hell, but you thought it was sweet.
Every time you gave thanks between my knees… *chuckles*
Yeah you thought it was sweet.
& its kinda crazy coz that’s the only time my heart felt as one w/ you…
…when you devoured my shit like it gave life to you..
…the sweetness to a bitter peak
Gabrielle Shante’, writer and singer, is a W O M A N before anything.
Born and raised in Chicago, she is the First Lady of Wealth Worthy Republic.
Under the radar she has made a mark as being confident, loyal, and passionate in everything she does.
[Hotbox, City of Angels, High Moon Interlude)
Follow her on Instagram amd Twitter @SometimesShante
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