White Women Rocking Fros &Other Things Ya’ll Shame Black Women For Not Doing

Just because white women are doing things like trying to manipulate their hair into afro’s, does not give you the right to shame the black women who choose to wear weave.

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If there is one thing that grinds my gears as a woman who wears her hair natural, is the audacity other natural haired women and sometimes men have when it comes to telling me what I should be doing with MY hair. I call those types of people Natural Hair Nazi’s, the ones that are usually in the comments sections of natural hair blogs and vlogs, dictating to others about what it means to be natural, and usually shuns the women who decides to get a protective style, whether it be faux locs, or marley twists, or even dying their fro another color. Natural Hair Nazi’s can also be people you know personally, who insist that you rocking a weave from time to time is an expression of self hatred; (._.) while totally ignoring the fact that that its YOUR hair and you can do whatever the fuck you want to do with it.

Moving on, I was browsing Twitter one day and video link appeared for a YouTube vlogger demonstrating how to get an afro with ANY hair type.

As expected, Twitter went into an uproar, think pieces on the matter exploded out of nowhere, and I witnessed and participated in very interesting conversations with people about it.

The conversation I didn’t like was the one you god-damned Natural Hair Nazi’s brought up.

Ya’ll be like: “See, everyone wants hair like black people except black women!” and then ya’ll go on a pointless tangent about weaves and how black women secretly want to be white by giving in to white supremacist beauty ideals.

Sometimes I will tell ya’ll to shut the fuck up, and other times I just be like:

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Seriously. Why are black women who wear weaves or any other protective style getting shamed for the dumb shit some white women choose to do?

It’s not our fault that these women are not culturally aware enough to recognize that wearing an afro for some of us is not something to play dress up in, but more of a social and political form of self expression.

It is not our fault that these white women are just exercising their privilege, along with the Miley Cyrus’s and Katie Perry’s and Iggy Azaelia’s who profit off the exploitation of black bodies and livelihood.

To constantly attack black women for choosing to wear weaves whenever they want to is just a poor attempt to take away the very agency many of us are fighting to have. The joyous thing about having agency is that it literally means: “Hey I can do whatever I want, you’re probably not going to like it though.”

Which is fine, because you don’t have to like everything. But that does not mean you get to right to shame anyone.

The real problem isn’t the black women who wear weaves, it’s the other women who think it’s cool to get an afro “with any hair type.”

But that’s not a conversation that many of you are willing to have, right? So of course you’ll attack the black woman.



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