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I am an EXTREMELY prideful person. I do not like to ask other’s for help, and if I do muster up enough courage to ask for help, it’s always too late.

However, I am trying to change my ways, because closed mouths don’t get fed. And a person should NEVER be too prideful to ask for help with anything, especially since there are so many good-natured people out here in the world who give to others.

For everyone person who has read a blog post, shared a blog post, or left a comment on this site, I  thank you.

Over the summer of 2014, I stayed in my college town, moved off campus, found a job and decided to take a couple summer classes at my university. I am a firm believer in education and the opportunity to pursue one means the world to me. I love learning, and though choosing to do summer school here may have not been the wisest choice financially, I do not regret taking those two classes.

Refund check season came in August, and I was on top of the world financially. I paid everything from my rent up to November, my utilities each month and helped those in need, which is another thing I do NOT regret doing. I love people, and if there is ever a way for me to help someone, then I will.

However, before I knew it, my refund check was GONE and I still had a pretty hefty bursar account that prevented me from registering for the spring semester.

I worked, I tried to take out loans, I tried asking friends and family members, I tried talking to administrators, but to no avail, I still did not have enough to register for the Spring semester.

A wonderful person I know suggested I try a Go Fund Me campaign while I take this semester off to find another job and apply for scholarships. At first, I truly did NOT want to. I hated the thought of people being in my business, I didn’t want to put myself out there. I was embarrassed.

But now, I have a change of heart. I need help, I need YOUR help.

All I want to do is graduate college and do great things in this world, and if this bursar bill gets any higher, I will be forced prolong my time here, and I absolutely do not want that. It’s bad enough that I am currently unemployed, I can’t add uneducated to the last as well.

I’m not sure if any of my readers are spiritual and/or religious, but I believe that God truly has great things in store for me this year, and me not being enrolled this semester is only a minor set back.

Here is the WHY of my campaign:

Capture.PNG 1

And last but not least, here is the link to donate:

Don’t feel bad if you can’t financially contribute, simply sharing it amongst your friends, family and social media profiles and deeply appreciated to. Whatever you choose to do, I thank you in advance and I hope you are rewarded in all the ways your heart desires for your kindness. <3

– Kia Smith

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