The Myth of The Power Couple


Once upon a time, there was this girl who was MADLY infatuated with this guy because she was obsessed with being a power couple with him.

She was a writer, and he… well let’s just say he was an upcoming entrepreneur as well. He was talented, attractive, and deeply engrossed in his grind. Literally nothing stopped him and every obstacle he was faced with, he overcame.

Needless to say, she was enamored with him. She thought they could be the next Jay-Z and Beyonce, Kim and Kanye, hell even the next Meek and Nicki… powerful people making powerful moves while loving each other and looking good while doing it.

They started off as friends and she was one of his BIGGEST supporters. She was there for the long days and nights, supporting every event and giving him pep talks when he needed it.

She decided she wanted to BE with him, although he made it very clear that a committed relationship and settling down wasn’t something he wanted for himself at the moment.

She didn’t listen and she definitely didn’t care.

She figured she could MAKE him want to be with her, so she gave herself to him: mentally, sexually, and emotionally. The more she got attached to him, the more he pulled himself away.

Because nothing she did seemed to work, she began to question herself.

“Is it me? Am I not good enough?” she asked herself aloud one day.

Her feelings constantly got hurt because while she was infatuated with him and made herself available to him whenever he wanted, he carried on as if she didn’t mean much, as least not as much as he meant to her.

She began to get angry and presented him with many ultimatums.. All which he didn’t care about. So she decided to fall back to see if he would come to his senses.

She wanted him to see how great of a woman she was.

She wanted him to realize that she was “the one” for him.

She wanted all her hard work that went into getting him not to be in vain.

She wanted him to reciprocate what she poured into him.

She figured that since he was a man with dreams, he needed her as a woman with vision.

She wanted him.

But the sad reality was, he didn’t want her.

So again, she began to question herself.

Then one day, she began to examine herself and him.

And what she learned about herself was mind-boggling.

She learned that she was awesome just the way she was.

What she learned about him was that although he was attractive and ambitious, he was not the one for her mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

So while it hurt her in a way that she couldn’t explain, she knew she had to let him go for good.

It’s always a weird range of emotions when you figure out you and someone else aren’t on the same page. You may feel angry, you may even feel hurt– not because of the honesty, but because she realized they were NEVER on the same page.

And probably never would be.


  • If someone is sleep on you, it is NOT your job to wake them up.
  • Self-love is important. You should never have to MAKE anyone want to be with you.
  • If someone is TRULY meant for you, they will recognize how great you are off bat.
  • The concept of being a power couple is cool and all, but are you and that person equally yoked in other ways besides your individual success stories?
  • Stop ignoring the signs and LISTEN to people who say and/or SHOW they don’t want to be with you. Otherwise, you set yourself up to be taken advantage of.
  • Don’t settle. You’ll only end up getting your feelings hurt in the long run.
  • All relationships take WORK to maintain and the truth is, everyone isn’t cut out for the job description.


It was a hard lesson to learn, but eventually she caught the drift and moved on with her life. She figured that once she knew better, she had to consistently DO better and KEEP doing better.

And while some days she wished he would’ve came to his senses sooner, she knew in the end that them not being together was for the best. True love loves you back, and she now knows that there’s more to being a “power couple” than just having great things going for yourself… You have to be a great person as well.

6 thoughts on “The Myth of The Power Couple

  1. Reading this post I wanted to email you and ask you how did you know about my life! Seriously this same exact thing happened to me. He was an ambitious guy with so much potential and, I mean the exact way you felt and all the things you did, so did I. I had to realize he meant what he said about not wanting to commit and realize nothing was wrong with me.

    Powerful, powerful, powerful post that didn’t hit close to home but hit home for me. Love it! Continue your writing journey love. You never know who you’re reaching and relating to.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this post for the growth and wisdom that came from it.

    I too have a similar story except mines is sort of the other way around…

    After about 2 years of being good friends, one of my closest male friends decided that he wanted to pursue me further. Initially I was not feeling the idea because although he had good qualities they were not what I truly looked for in a mate. After almost a year of consideration and sympathy I began to look at him in a new light. I started to think that we would be a good power couple because we had similar aspirations. So based on that mere thought, I in a way forced myself into the relationship which turned out to be more of a platonic relationship then passionate. In my past, following my heart got me heartbroken so this time I tried to follow my mind…. And as time went on… about 3 years into the relationship I began to see that he wasn’t equally yoked as I once thought he was. He was so ‘team me’ that anything I wanted to pursue or do he would jump on board. But it wasn’t always a natural interest so overtime the differences that initially kept me away is what took me a way. In a way I guess we both forced the relationship on ourselves for different reasons. But at the end of the day I do not regret my decision to enter the relationship because although it has ended… it taught me a lot about myself, I took the time to start loving myself in all the right ways and began to see my true worth. Now I know and can truly feel when someone is right for me without having to second guess. Through the struggle and challenges comes a sunshine of truth and true love.

    So I’m fully digging this piece and your moral of the story.

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