#WriteYourselfALoveLetter: Dear Kia…


Dear Kia,

First of all, I must admit how awkward it is to write a letter to myself but even more awkward for me to let everybody and they mama read it LOL. But I created this challenge for a reason, so I must play by the rules.

As you know Kia, this letter comes at a time when you haven’t been feeling like yourself. Your energy has been off, you haven’t felt loved, you haven’t felt inspired or inspiring, you haven’t felt pretty enough, you’ve been feeling used and disrespected. You’ve been feeling stuck and unappreciated.

But somehow, despite what you may feel, you look at each day as an opportunity to start fresh and new, and that is something I really admire about you Kia.

I love you because your heart and your spirit is one that can transform the world and touch the lives of everyone you come across. I love you because your love is the fire that will ignite anyone, the passion to fulfill any dream and all the words needed to uplift and encourage. You love so openly, yet you protect yourself because you know how fragile and valuable your heart is.

I love you because you’re giving. Whether it is a listening ear or aiding someone in need, you give without ill intentions, without throwing it back in someone’s face. You give without conditions and your heart to serve others is boundless.

I love you because you are unafraid to make mistakes and learn from them. Your flaws have made you who you are at this very moment, and they give you a unique story to tell. I love you because you strive to take care of yourself mentally and that you encourage others to do the same. I love you because you are growing to be very unapologetic, and that even when people don’t like or agree with who you are, you don’t try to please them.

I love you because you seek to define yourself to yourself. You don’t allow yourself to be put into boxes, and you embrace how multifaceted you are. I love you because of your complex layers, for they bring you a special surprise each day.

I love your humor. I love the sound of your laugh. I love the lines that form around your mouth when you start smiling, and the way you throw your head back when something is hilarious to you. I love the way your eyes sparkle when you look at people and how brown they are. I love the way your eyelashes curl and I adore the shape of your eyebrows.

I love the way you think and your curious intellect. Not only are you book smart, you are filled with so much wisdom too. I love how you ask questions, how you form your opinions, how open your mind is. If there is one thing that no one can take away from you, it is your ability to think for yourself, regardless of what anyone else is saying.

I love how both introverted and extroverted you can be.. It means you understand the tranquility of being alone, but you also know the power of being around like minded people.

I love you because you understand how much of a loving, beautiful, and valuable woman you are. I love how you refuse to let anyone or anything stunt your growth, how you won’t allow others to mistreat you and how you refuse to settle for less than you deserve. Sometimes its hard for you to believe because you may make the same mistakes over and over again, but then you snap out of it and realize that in life there are truly no mistakes, only lessons learned.

I love how dedicated you are when you truly want to achieve something. You never give up, you keep going no matter how long it takes. You don’t wait around on others to anything, you have always had such an independent and innovative spirit.

I love you because you value healthy relationships with both friends and family. I love that you will go above and beyond for them while still holding on to your sanity, yet love them fiercely enough so they don’t want have to question you. I love how you strive to always love them unconditionally, encourage them and support their dreams.

Speaking of dreams, I love that you believe in the power of your own. The things you want to do in your life will change the hearts and minds of many, but I love that you believe that if you touch at least ONE person, you know that your work matters.

I love how you support others. It literally brings a smile to my face to see how you will show others that you care.

I love your passion and intensity. In a world where so many will force themselves to be robots, I love how you will show your anger, your temper, your love, your sadness… It shows that your heart is working and that you care.

I love how you are constantly growing. You are not the same person from 1 year ago, 5 years ago and I am sure that you will not be the same person 15 years from now.

I love you because you command and demand respect everywhere you go, from everyone you meet. If you are disrespected, I love how unafraid you are to correct that person and go about your day.

I love you because you will always stand up for people and stand up for what is right. No matter if people disagree with you.

I love you because you are working on having a more forgiving heart. It is not easy, but you are trying and I commend you on the effort.

I love you because you are beautiful, but not only because of the way you look. It is more so because of the way you make yourself feel, and how you touch those around you. You are inspiring. Own that. You are inspiring. You may not see it right now, but I see it everyday.

I love you because you know that there is sometimes “good” in goodbye and how you will protect yourself from negative energy by any means necessary. I love how unafraid you are of hard work and how you adapt to change so well.

I love you because you don’t let your life’s circumstances define who you are, hold you back, or keep you down. Though you’ve been in some tough situations, you always bounce better than ever before.

I love the fact that you are a writer, and that you know your pen can take you places. I love how you let it describe your feelings, how it has told amazing stories and how it has healed you.

I love you because even in the midst of life’s storms, you manage to find peace within you.

I love the woman that you are but I know I will really love the woman that you are becoming..

I love you simply because you are you.

Kia Smith.

Kia Cherrice Joy Smith to be specific.

Filled with sugar, sass, and a whole lot of class.

Who is about as multifaceted as they and as outspoken as she pleases.

Who loves God and herself.

Who loves herself and others.

I love her. And I love you.

I love you Kia and don’t you ever forget it.




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Write Yourself A Love Letter Challenge


Hey everyone!  I know it has been a while and I honestly have so much to share with you all but before I get into all that, I come to you all with a challenge.

Often on social media, I notice how easy it is to compare ourselves to others. It has always amazed me how easy it is for us to to make our lives seem so perfect on the camera.

How many of us find it hard to be confident in ourselves due to that person on Instagram with the thousands of followers, that girl on Twitter with the pretty hair, or that person on Facebook that is always sharing their success stories?

Though there is nothing wrong with people celebrating and affirming themselves, I know how much of toll that can take on people who may not feel as confident.

You may not feel pretty enough.

You may wonder how that person affords to go on so many trips.

You may wish your body looked as good as someone else’s.

You may wish you were as inspirational, funny, wise and witty like your social media faves.


I get it. We’ve all been there before. Hell, I have even been there before.

Therefore I have a challenge.

Why not celebrate you?

Why not affirm yourself instead of pointing out your flaws?

Why not share with the world what makes you so great?

Why not…. write yourself a love letter?

You heard (well, read LOL) me right.

This challenge is an idea I came up with so I could help people have healthy perceptions of themselves using social media. As I stated above, social media sometimes distorts our view of other people’s lives and may cause us to doubt ourselves. While constantly looking at the lives of other people, we may begin to question ourselves and point out our flaws.

In my opinion, that’s not healthy. You shouldn’t compare yourself to others because you don’t know what another person is going through to achieve a lifestyle that looks good on camera.

Also… no one else is YOU, and that fact alone is exactly what makes YOU so great.

If you kept reading this far, I’m sure you’re wondering..


It’s super simple. All you would need is.

A pen, pencil, crayon, or anything else you use to write with.

A piece of paper or whatever you use to write on.

Now here’s where things get interesting.

You can either TWEET a love letter about you using the hashtag #WriteYourselfALoveLetter

You can use a mirror and record yourself reciting your love letter on either YouTube or Twitter or Instagram. Or even Periscope if you use that. Please use the hashtag #WriteYourselfALoveLetterChallenge

You can choose your favorite picture (preferably a selfie) of yourself or a collage of pictures of you and post it to Instagram or Facebook, and copy your love letter in the caption.

Whatever you choose to do, please remember to link back to my blog. With your permission, I will post your love letter to yourself on my blog weekly or bi-weekly.

I will post my own love letter to myself, which will be dropping very soon… *winks*

This challenge is open to everyone regardless of race, gender, sexuality, etc. There is no time limit on this challenge, and the only rule to remember is that this challenge is to promote positivity, self-love, and healthy perceptions of yourself. No negativity, no pointing out your short-comings… Just all love.

Happy love letter writing everyone! I can’t wait to read you all’s letters..


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