Senior Year Affirmations 

Yesterday happened to be my last first day of school before I receive my bachelors degree. These past 5 years in college have truly been a journey but I can honestly say that I am blessed to be on it. College may not seem like much to most people but to me it is one of my greatest accomplishments in life. I was honestly supposed to drop out after I flunked my first semester all the way back in the fall of 2012, but God had other plans for my life. 

I pressed forward, not without mishaps of course but here I am… 5 months shy of crossing the finish line, or rather starting a new beginning. 

Lately I’ve been having conversations with people and the question that ALWAYS comes up is “What’s your plans after you graduate?”

*rolls eyes* Lemme be honest with y’all.. I actually hate that question. 

Cuz truthfully… I don’t know. I really don’t.

It’s hard for me to tell someone what I have planned for the next 5-6 months of my life when I don’t even know if I’ll be alive the next day. So whenever I get asked that question, it annoys me a little bit because sometimes I feel like people look at you crazy when you don’t have anything concrete planned. 

Instead, I would rather people ask me what would I like to do after I graduate, because I can talk all day about that. 

Currently I’m interested in jobs that have to do with youth development and I’m open to moving to anywhere that is Chicago, Atlanta, Houston and wherever God sees fit for me to go. I would like to write for a few publications professionally, I would like to travel and not only see the world but give back and help communities as well. 

I know many of my fellow seniors are stressed about the unknown, but for some reason I don’t feel that same sense of urgency like my peers do. 

Maybe it’s because it hasn’t sunk in that I have about 17 weeks until I graduate, or maybe it’s because I know that God is truly in control and that wherever I end up, I will be able to grow more, no matter how uncomfortable it may seem. 

To my fellow seniors, look y’all we got this. We have came this far, now is not the time to fall apart and panic about the unknown. Do what you have to do to get your life in order but don’t spread yourself too thin stressing over your next move. 

I was thinking about a few things & wanted to encourage you: 

Remember that it is okay not to have every detail of your life planned out. Like I said earlier, we are not even guaranteed to be alive the next day so how the hell can we predict what the next 5-6 months gone be like? 

Also. Don’t compare yourself to other people! You don’t know what trials and tribulations or sacrifices people go through to maintain what they have, the grass is always greener where YOU water it, so focus on YOU. Just because this fellow senior may have a high GPA, hella internships, their grad school completely paid for and a nice job lined up after graduation doesn’t mean that you are lacking in any way. It’s ok to look to others for motivation here and there, but don’t use someone else’s success to tear yourself down. 🙄

Lastly, enjoy the present much more. Yes you should definitely care about your future, but sometimes (most of the time) plans change. It’s our last year of college before we gotta be boring ass adults, so enjoy it! Travel. Party like you’re an underclassman again. Enjoy ya friends. Reflect on how far you’ve come & remain open to how far you will go. 

P.S. Don’t rush your graduation trying to make other people happy! It’s not a matter of WHEN you graduate, the most important part is just that you DO. If you feel unprepared NOW, why do you think rushing your graduation will prepare you any better? Take your time, college still gone be here. 

I love you all and remember seniors we got this! 


– Kia 

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