When The Dream Seems Unclear


Maybe you decided in late December that 2017 would be the year that no matter what, you would manifest all your dreams.

So you did it. You took that leap of faith.

Maybe you quit school.

Maybe you moved to a new state that’s hours and hours away.

Maybe you graduated college not really knowing your next move but praying to God that it would all work out because you couldn’t spend another moment spending time being unsure of yourself.

Maybe you had your dreams all worked out, from plan A to Z, but somewhere in there, the dream got foggy.

You may be feeling stuck and the uncertainty is all too consistent and rightfully so, you are frustrated.

Before you drown yourself in a sea of anxiousness, stop yourself and breathe.

The thing about dreams is…. while its no doubt that they will get accomplished, the time period as well as the twists and turns that lead up to getting them accomplished is uncertain.

The uncertainty of it all is when life begins to feel uncomfortable.

If you are a control freak like me, then the thought of the unknown absolutely petrifies you. You may be used to always knowing what your next move is or you may constantly daydream about the ideal life you would like to live.

So what happens, when that dream gets deferred? What happens when your dream is put on pause; when plans don’t always fall through?

You gone give up?


You gone think of yourself as a failure?


So what do you do?

*shrugs shoulders*

Well… first of all, you have to get it out your head that life will always go according to plan.

That’s unrealistic.

Understand that life will have many twists and turns. I am a firm believer that struggle builds character and that if life was so easy, then we would never have anything to learn from, thus not gaining any type of wisdom.

Second of all, you’re not a failure if your dreams have to be put on pause.

Again, life will throw you curve balls but don’t think that you’re the biggest failure that ever lived because of it. Take that time on pause to figure out a different way you can attack and succeed at accomplishing your dreams. You will have to bend many, many times in life, the most important thing of all of this is to NEVER FOLD and allow your circumstances to defeat you.

Lastly, give yourself some credit and celebrate that you’ve even made it this far.

So what things may not be 100% in order, at least you took that first step! That’s more than a lot of other people can say. You have to get into the habit of affirming yourself! If you can’t do it for you, reach out to those closest to you who can uplift you when you’re feeling down. If that doesn’t work, visit this blog for some inspiration (#shamelessplug, lol)

The dream will seem unclear at times. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. When things seem cloudy it means that things will clear up for you soon. Stay focused and keep dreaming!

Love you all,

Kia ♥

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