7 Deadly Sins: Fear of Being Alone

It was once believed that to have someone was better than having no one. Because, who wants to live and die alone?

This is a society that prizes partnership and being with someone, and truth be told, we do need people. I personally don’t think that life is meant to be spent alone.


When the desire to not to live or die alone is powered by fear, that’s when it becomes a problem.

That’s when you start accepting just any-old-body into your life, because for some reason you believe that having someone in your life is better than having no one– and not just for romance but all types of relationships– friends and family members too.

Fear of being alone creates a lack of boundary setting.

Fear of being alone creates the inability to do things by yourself.

Fear of being alone can cause you to settle.

Fear of being alone can prevent you from developing self-awareness.

To keep it real with you, nobody really LIKES to be by themselves but its necessary at times.

If you fear being alone, how you gone find out what you do and don’t want?

If you fear being alone, how can you develop discernment?

If you fear being alone, how can you decide what type of people you want in and out your life?

You cannot be dependent on other people to help you figure out who you are. You can only learn that by being alone.

We all have fears, but being by yourself shouldn’t be one of them.

Let’s chat!

  1. Are you afraid of being by yourself?
  2. If yes, what scares you the most about it?
  3. If no, what makes you comfortable in your loneliness?
  4. Do you think there is a difference between being alone and feeling lonely?

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