7 Deadly Sins: Avoiding Accountability

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Accountability only sucks when you aren’t ready to own up to your shit.

I learned this lesson the hard way when a home girl of mine called me out on some shit I was doing and instead of deflecting and trying to bring the attention back on her….. I had to sit with that shit.

And reflect.

And reflect some more.

And then make the necessary changes.

And lemme tell you, my ego was bruised and pissed!

Cuz what the hell you mean I ain’t perfect and I be fuckin’ up and sometimes I lack self-awareness, and my actions don’t only affect me?

But yeah, it’s true.

And I do be fuckin’ up. Like a lot.

And sometimes I am so focused on me and what I want and how I feel about things, that I rarely take the time to pause and think about how my actions impact others.

But one thing I do know is this: when people take the time out to hold you accountable, that means they love you. Because if they didn’t give a fuck about you, they wouldn’t say a word. They would continue to watch you self-destruct and mind their business.

So the next time you find yourself getting defensive because someone is calling you out on your shit, or making sure you finish what you start, or even asks you to pause and reflect on your behavior, remember this:

  • You are NOT perfect.
  • They are NOT wrong for saying something to you.
  • It is better to be corrected by someone who cares for you than to be corrected by someone who doesn’t.

Accountability is what separates the adults from the children, even though there are some incredibly childish adults out here.

It’s easy to blame everything and everybody else for your fuckups but if you truly want to grow, you have to cut that shit out eventually.

Self-accountability is not something you develop overnight. Like most things, it starts with you having a particular mindset. Once you are able to program your mindset from victim to a more mindful person, everything starts falling into place.

As I’ve said throughout this series: You cannot run away from yourself forever. Holding yourself accountable may uncover some harsh truths about yourself, but I’m learning that it makes you better in the long run.

Let’s chat

  1. Would you rather hold yourself accountable or would you rather have someone else close to you do it?
  2. What about accountability is hard for you?
  3. What tips would you give someone trying to develop accountability within themselves?

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