On The Other Side Of Maybe

I never wanted to look like a goofy for still having strong feelings for you.
I’ve endured a lot but it’s like….
Maybe we’ve grown past it.
Maybe it wasn’t done with malicious intent.
Maybe you really do share the same feelings for me like I have for you.
Maybe you don’t.
Maybe you do and you’re just scared.

Maybe it’s just the dick but maybe it’s not cuz I actually can stand to be around you outside of that and not be bothered.
Maybe I’m just really comfortable with you and that’s different than desire.
Or maybe it’s not.

Maybe I’ve found new ways to appreciate and feel for you.
Maybe you make me feel safe and like home.
Maybe you damn near my soulmate.
Maybe that’s some shit I made up in my head.

Can two people who have been through a lot move past it and build a better future?
But maybe they can’t.
Maybe they don’t take each other serious.
Maybe they don’t wanna let each other go…

So then what?
Maybe they throw it away?
Or maybe they table the inevitable and maybe they pick it up when they’re like 30?
Maybe they wait too long and the fire between them dies. Makes you wonder why they ain’t give it an honest try in the first place?

Maybe they were too young.
Maybe they were too dishonest — with themselves and each other.
Maybe it wasn’t supposed to go this far in the first place.

Or maybe it was.
Maybe this was simply a lesson.
Maybe this was simply a moment of growth.
Maybe this was a sign of clarity.

Maybe both of us just make shit more complicated than it needs to be.
What’s on the other side of this maybe in the first place?

Maybe we’ll never know.
Maybe we are both too scared to explore.

Hopefully we can meet one day, on the other side of maybe.

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