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Ever since I could remember, I’ve been a storyteller.

Words. Scenarios. Dreams. Theories.

All of those things would pop into my mind and my hands would create art across the pages. Song lyrics, short stories, and poetry too would burst onto the pages of my many notebooks, solidifying who I was always destined to be: a writer.

The short story is that I’ve been a blogger since I was 17 years old almost 18 in the year of 2012. I started off under the pseudonym Kween K, your edgy hip-hop blogger who had a lot of shit to say. I spent a lot of my time on camera, interviewing the local and up-and-coming Chicago artists. Around this time, Chicago was getting a lot of buzz for its music scene, and I was in the midst of it all.

I was young. I was hungry. I was so headstrong. You really couldn’t tell me shit! By the time I enrolled in college, I felt like I had a resume longer and more important than my peers around me. In some ways, I was right. But in a lot of ways, I was oh so wrong.

A shift then happened.

I no longer wanted to be Kween K anymore. I just wanted to be Kia.

But who was she?

By early 2014, I stopped interviewing artists and doing on-camera work altogether. I took a brief hiatus. Then Kia Smith Writes was born.

Since then, I’ve been writing my way into discovering who I was.

I was always a very opinionated child. Writing about things like social justice before the term was even coined was my thing. I also talked a lot about love and relationships. The older I got, the more I saw and the more transparent I became. College played a huge role in my self-discovery journey and my posts began to reflect that. I also learned that I had a huge knack for motivating others, my posts began to reflect that too.

So after many start overs and rebranding, I finally got a bit of a handle on who Kia Smith Writes is. A creative turned budding businesswoman, a writer who dreams out loud. A motivator. A friend. Kind of like your favorite Auntie who talks to you about getting your shit together but has the best stories of when her life was falling apart. Someone you can hopefully relate to. A black woman. A queen (Kween). A multifaceted young woman trying to survive her 20’s, always evolving.

Welcome to my public diary. Most of the time I’m talking to myself in these blog posts, I just so happen to let ya’ll read them.

Enjoy your time here.


Kia Smith ♥

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