Black Women Take Over Airwaves: For Better or Worse? by Diona Humes-Jamison


This year, women of color were allowed to take a breath of fresh air when they turned on their televisions to catch up on their favorite weekly shows because they were seeing more and more representations of themselves. Hit television series like ABC’s Scandal and BET’s Being Mary Jane and The Game hit the airwaves showing black women in a more successful light and, this time, with lead roles.
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Scandal features Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, a successful “fixer” and political crisis manager in the nation’s Capitol. Although Pope is very good at what she does, her job on the show is not what she is most recognized for by viewers. Those who tune in every week and, even those who don’t, only remember Pope for the biggest ongoing scandal within the show: her affair with the president.
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mary jane

On BET, viewers finally had a chance to watch the long-awaited premiere season of Being Mary Jane, starring Gabrielle Union as single and successful news anchor, Mary Jane. The 2-hour pilot for this series premiered back in July of 2013, leaving viewers confused and anxious to keep up with main character, Mary Jane, in a series that wouldn’t show up again until January 2014. Mary Jane, once again, was not to be remembered for her superb broadcast journalism skills, but for her personal life as well. Union’s character received lots of backlash for her affair with a married man, despite her ability, or assumed ability, to get and keep a man of her own.
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BET’s other hit drama series, The Game, features fictional exploits about the lives of professional football players and their families. This show has been airing since 2006 and fans were excited to see the new developments in season 7, which aired back in March of 2014. Although The Game does depict some aspects of black success stories, one of the main stories that caught my attention was that of Wendy Raquel Robinson’s character, Tasha Mack, single mother of pro-football player, Malik Wright. Tasha Mack is also a successful businesswoman but, yet again, it is her rollercoaster of a love life that has been the focus of her character’s story. Are you catching the pattern here?

All of these characters have three commonalities: success, singleness, and inability to get married, for whatever respective reason. These women are all depicted as educated and successful black women, yes, but only successful in the professional sense. Aside from their work, every other aspect of their personal lives seems to be falling apart bit by bit; they all represent that stereotypical black woman who, no matter what, can’t get or keep a man.

Millions of people tune in each week throughout the seasons to see these fictional women who are, according to journalist, Teresa Wiltz, “strong yet conflicted, [and] filled with both save-the-day bravado and hide-under-the-covers neuroses.” But what happened to the shows that would uplift the black woman and encourage the idea of the positive black family? What happened to A Different World? What happened to The Cosby Show? Why is this how black women are shown in television now? Because this stereotype is how America sees black women in real life. Although these shows are written by black women, they are made to cater to a diverse audience; an audience that believes these stereotypes to be true for most black people.

America has painted a portrait of the black woman that displays anger, independence, insensitivity, and loneliness. This widespread image has overpowered the positive facts about women of color that come from databases like the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the U.S. Census which state, respectively, that one-third of black women now work in management or other professional jobs and that black women now make up more than 900,000 business owners in America; and let’s not forget that black women currently make up the highest percentage of college enrollment by race and gender, according to the U.S. Census.

Despite these facts and statistics, it’s still so funny that America and the media choose to highlight the less appealing aspects of the black woman. No one cares about the fact that Scandal’s lead character, Olivia Pope, was inspired by a real life crisis manager in D.C., Judy Smith, who is a happily married mother of two, the complete opposite of Pope.No one has chosen to focus on the fact that Wendy Raquel Robinson, aka Tasha Mack, has been happily married for over 10 years now or that Gabrielle Union recently snagged NBA superstar, Dwyane Wade. Instead we choose to feed into these overwhelmingly misconstrued and unspecified stats and stereotypes about a plague of “lonely” and “bitter” black women in America.

Of course you can get into how black women marry at a later age due to their personal career and educational goals but, for now, the focus is on these black shows that are written and created by black people [women] yet catered to the non-black American population. Why is it that every time a woman of color finally sees herself on the big screen, the character has the same repeatedly tragic love life? Viewers are still waiting for the day where they are shown more realistically happily ever after black love and family stories like those of Cliff and Clair Huxtable in The Cosby Show or Phil and Vivian Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Hopefully there is something more refreshing in store for viewers who would like to see a positive change of pace in the 2014-2015 television season.

Diona Humes-Jamison, native of Chicago and resident of Virginia, is a sophomore, Public Relations major and Photography minor attending Howard University. Active within her major and her community, Diona has a passion for passion. Catch her in the future working within the entertainment and nonprofit sectors of PR.

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Black Hair Myths Busted by: Diona Humes-Jamison

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Whether your hair journey has been natural or relaxed, everyone’s heard rumors and myths about what they should and shouldn’t do in order to maintain a healthy head of hair and it’s time to set those rumors straight.

Myth #1: Relaxers Make Your Hair Grow
Plenty of black females decide to ditch their natural curls and go for a relaxer or “perm” because they are rumored to promote hair growth. Relaxers permanently straighten and stretch curls that would have otherwise been tight and shrunken, giving the appearance of substantial growth. Although it is very possible to maintain long and healthy hair while relaxed, it is not the relaxer, itself, that makes the hair grow.
Myth #2: Cutting Hair Promotes Hair Growth
Although you might get your hair done in a salon every two weeks, you don’t necessarily need to get it cut every time you go to visit your hairdresser. Trimming your ends gets rid of the damaged and split ends, yes, but it doesn’t make your hair grow since your hair grows from the root and not the end. You should get a trim every 6 to 8 weeks, if necessary, to avoid split ends that can possibly split further up the shaft and cause substantial damage.

hair 4
Myth #3: Black Women Can’t Grow Long Hair
Every person is different so everyone’s hair will grow as long as their body lets it. There are vitamins and products on the market that help to accelerate hair growth and length retention but hair length cannot be determined by your ethnicity.

hair 3

Myth #4: Black Hair Needs More Conditioning That Shampooing
Conditioners and moisturizers are necessary for healthy and hydrated hair but the amount that is needed varies by hair type and texture. Black hair tends to need more moisturizing than many other ethnicities because chemical alteration causes it to be brittle, however, there is a such thing as over-conditioning. Too much of anything can be bad for you. It’s up to you to assess your hair needs and learn how much and how often you need to condition to keep your hair bouncing and blowing in the wind.

hair 2

Myth #5: Black Hair Is Not Versatile
This has to be one of the biggest black hair myths. #TeamNatural has become the trend over the past few years but many black women are scared to rock their natural kinks because they think that an afro is the only way to go. There are plenty of natural styles and products out there that can help manipulate and maintain a gorgeous curly mane. Some styles include: bantu knots, braid-outs, twist-outs, locs, braids/twists, and many more. When it comes to styling your natural hair, YouTube will become your best friend as there are endless tutorials from naturalista vloggers.
These are only some of the many myths about black hair that have been floating around salons and schools and forums. When it comes to hair rumors, you have to use your better judgment to decide what will work for you, personally, whether your decision come from research or trial-and-error.


Diona Humes-Jamison, native of Chicago and resident of Virginia, is a sophomore, Public Relations major and Photography minor attending Howard University. Active within her major and her community, Diona has a passion for passion. Catch her in the future working within the entertainment and nonprofit sectors of PR.

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146th Commencement Speaker: Peeve or Perk? by: Diona Humes-Jamison


If you haven’t heard by now, it’s true. Sean “Diddy” Combs, entrepreneur, philanthropist and entertainment mogul, will be this year’s commencement speaker at Howard University, receiving an honorary doctorate in humanities from the university on Saturday, May 10, 2014.

Since the morning that President Wayne Frederick sent this announcement email, social media sites and classrooms have been buzzing with debates and disagreements about the situation. It seems as though Howard’s students have come to a split decision on whether or not this was a good move for the university.

Many students and faculty support President Frederick’s choice of speaker because of the simple fact that, although Combs attended Howard in the late 1980s and left before graduating, he still managed to launch a very successful entrepreneurial career which, according to Forbes magazine, has earned him a net worth of $700 million.
On the other side of the issue, that piece of paper makes all the difference.

Plenty of students, especially graduating seniors, think that it was an unfair and undeserving choice. Perhaps they would prefer that a Steve Madden or a Mark Zuckerburg give the address.

While those students are entitled to feel the way that they do, nothing terrifyingly horrible can come of this situation. Combs went out into the world on his own, with no degree, and managed to accomplish everything that most college graduates couldn’t have dreamed of doing and then some. Despite the fact that his career track and business statistics speak to his credibility as an entrepreneur whose work has contributed to the advancement of his field, Combs is also said to be one of the highest individual donors to the university. In the book “Sean “Diddy” Combs: A Biography of a Music Mogul”, he is said to have given $500,000 in scholarship money to Howard in order to support students pursuing careers in entertainment.

Much of Howard’s population that is looking at this situation negatively, is also looking at it selfishly. There is nothing wrong with inviting a diverse quality of commencement speakers to address Howard students each year. This provides students with a more relatable and current graduation experience while, at the same time, bridges part of the gap between Howard and its alumni; yes, alumni.

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Diona Humes-Jamison, native of Chicago and resident of Virginia, is a sophomore, Public Relations major and Photography minor attending Howard University. Active within her major and her community, Diona has a passion for passion. Catch her in the future working within the entertainment and nonprofit sectors of PR.

Twitter and Instagram: @_TellMeAnything

Bittersweet by Gabrielle Shante’

Bitter as hell, but sometimes kinda sweet
 2 different feelings when you dealing w/ me.
Wouldn’t really know it when you first see this smile
 Captivate your mind
Drive your body wild
I know I could of warned you..
Probably should of too..
But you know it gives me something knowing I got my lady hooks in you.
Bitter as hell, but you thought it was sweet.
Every time you gave thanks between my knees… *chuckles*
Yeah you thought it was sweet.
& its kinda crazy coz that’s the only time my heart felt as one w/ you…
…when you devoured my shit like it gave life to you..
…the sweetness to a bitter peak
Gabrielle Shante’, writer and singer, is a W O M A N before anything.
Born and raised in Chicago, she is the First Lady of Wealth Worthy Republic.
Under the radar she has made a mark as being confident, loyal, and passionate in everything she does.
[Hotbox, City of Angels, High Moon Interlude)
Follow her on Instagram amd Twitter @SometimesShante

Date A Black Girl – By Akira D.


So you want to date a black girl?

With her heavenly body, that looks as if it is God’s greatest creation.

The black girl with her sweet and charismatic language that leaves you in awe, when you hear her voice before your eyes greets her face.                                                                                     Her eyes are like two lovers who have been slow dancing in a room that reminds them both of their first time they slow danced together.

(Sings) If this world were mine, I’d place at your feet all that I own…You been so good to me if this world were mine
You love her hair from the kinky roots after she finishes deep conditioning her hair on a Sunday evening preparing for the long week ahead.


To the, 300.00 of 4 bundles of 18in Brazilian wet and wavy hair she just purchased that makes her feel beautiful.

You love her from her hair follicles all the way to her toe nails you say?

Dating a black girl is more than dealing with the attitudes and insecurities about the way the stretch marks hug our ass cheeks.

They are like zebra stripes, which will not be our favorite beauty mark when we shed off our clothes for you.

But, we will be self conscious of the vines that wander around our thighs, hips, and ass.

As if they were tattooing our body to become your guide to exploring our body with the lights on.

As you try and figure out why don’t we love them, because you believe they are the most important thing a black girl can have?

Her sweet language and slick mouth will be the reason why you fell in love in the first place.

Because you love a woman with a little sass in her walk, a woman whose confidence radiates her skin, and caresses your glance long enough to ask her, her name.

You will learn to appreciate the sound of her voice, the walk, the independence, her sensuality and her being seductive when she doesn’t even try.

Dating a black girl is more than just a love song or a bad hair day.

Dating a black girl, is her showing strength even when she is ready to set it off.

She is more than a fat ass in a hip hop video.

More than a female addicted to retail.

More than her stereotypes.

More woman than girl.

She is more than a lover, who’s allowed men to play her heart as if it was some sort of instrument.

Her body is more than a sexual object; it is a wonderland that has vines tattooing themselves, scars dancing on her legs and fingerprints that leave autographs on her inner thighs and on her pelvis bone.

Dating a black girl is realizing that some wars she will never return home from.

Dating a black girl is realizing that loving her every imperfection allows her to love herself even more.


Akira D. is currently a Communication major with a specification in Radio-Television Broadcasting. She aspires to have her own nationally-syndicated radio talk show and hopes to open a center for the performing arts for youth. She began writing and performing poetry at the age of 8 and through the support of mentors and family writing became one of her many passions. Akira D. 19. Lover of Music, Intellect and Beauty.

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Chicago Artists I Believe In – By Alexander Stockstell

*Kween K’s Disclaimer*


This is a list. A list of Chicago artist I personally believe have the ability to take their talents to the level above their current stature. I have sat in the studio, listened in private and just generally had conversations with many artist in Chicago and have come to a conclusion about who I feel has what it takes to tough it out in the industry.


10.) MoBo

Twitter: @MoBoTheGreat

MoBo is the best female MC in Chicago no one has really heard in my opinion. What I mean is that internet wise she has no real content, but her soon to drop “Fuck The Public” project will be bound too wet up the scene. I have personally listened to the unreleased project in full and was taken aback by her lyrical ability as a female MC. She is not a female MC she is an actual MC and at least Chicago wise she can step up to the plate against the big boys. Take what I say for a grain of salt at your own risk; Mobo is soon to be on top of the mountain over the likes of Tink, Dreezy, and Chella-H.

Progress Report


-Does not need to rely on sexual content to stay interesting.

-Tends to outperform her feature on a track.

– Has an emphasis on actually rhyming, great at reciting hooks.


– Needs to actually learn how to put a record together. Right now she is hit or miss.

– The potential is there but still needs actual work on making her voice standout from the crowd.

– Would work the best on a team of MC’s rather than just by herself

Style Equivalent: Curren$y


 Lavish Mzck

9.) Lavish Mzck


Simply a sex symbol(pause) by appearance and by flow Lavish is Chicago’s resident rap game David Beckham. In all seriousness Lavish is a record label executive’s wet dream. Lavish is hard to understand content wise; one minute he is a getting money, band stacking, Versace wearing, lobster eating gentlemen. The next minute he is your personal life coach motivating you too get over any of your life obstacles by simply believing you are the s**t just because of who you are. I think he has one of the most unique styles in Chicago let alone the game. His most recent project is called “Urban Pharaoh” and he is preparing for a new project as you read this.

 Progress Report

– He has “the look.”
– Artistic direction for his music videos matches his music and appearance well.
– Production wise he picks beats that matches his flow.


– Needs to work pronouncing his words better, multiple takes on verses could fix this.

– Should drop more videos with singles too embrace his appearance more.
Style Equivalent: Wiz Khalifa

Ibn Inglor

8.) Ibn Inglor

Twitter: @IbnInglor

Easily one of the most popular on my list and for good reason, producer/rappers are the most talented in the genre of hip-hop. Ibn Inglor is post-graduation Kanye West just like Travis Scott and deserves to be working with him just like Travis is in terms of production. The rarity of producer/rappers is unprecedented in Chicago considered we birth the best one in Kanye West. That alone is why Ibn stands out too me. Personally I wish he would work with other Chicago artist to help them into the next level of music. His newest project “New Wave” makes everything I said above fact, give it a listen.

Progress Report


– Definitely has the next level sound down to a science.

– Songs feel like rides on a roller coaster with no real slow points its fun throughout.


– While he performs well on his own he could benefit from working with others that match his style.

– Songs are a little too dark at times could lighten things up for diversity purposes.

– Lyrical content is mundane at times with nothing really connecting.

Style Equivalent: Post-Graduation Kanye West

Monster Mike


7.) Monster Mike
Twitter: @monstermike197

Possibly my favorite rapper too listen to in Chicago right now. Despite the running jokes of being a “weak rapper” in the likes of Lil B and Riff Raff, I feel he is actually better than people give him credit for. People need to stop judging him on his work with Kembe and Alex Wiley alone and actually give his other features a chance. Michael performs best on features but I believe he is at a different place now and could create a dope solo project. I don’t know maybe it’s just me and what I like but I believe he can get it together and be marketable in the game one day. Plus he has face tats he is committed, shout out Rap Genius.

Progress Report


– Has his very good annunciation on tracks.


– Should work with one singular producer for a project that can make diverse tracks that match his voice.

Style Equivalent: Paul Wall


6.) Taylor Bennett

Twitter: @_TaylorBennett

Taylor is a better rapper than Chance, okay now that is out of the way, he is not better musically than Chance. However the potential is there and the Bennett blood is full of sonic talents that will come thru sooner rather than later for Taylor. Taylor has a great head on his shoulders and after many conversations with him he has huge social statements that he wants to make with his music. In a weird crash between Twista and Bump J, Taylor’s flow sounds like his brother Chance but resonates as something different. I ran into his session on accident at Classick Studios in Chicago and heard a little bit of his new music. A special treat is in store for you all, arguments between which Bennett is better will ensue soon.

Progress Report


– Can rap fast without mumbling words.

– Has pound for pound straight bars.


– Imperative that he finds production to match his flow so that musically he can make sense.

– Needs to get away from making “freestyle” like songs and actually focus on making a “record.”

Style Equivalent: Julez Santana



5.) Roman Flowrs

Twitter: @RomanFlowrs


“Perfect Timing” was the first song I heard from this guy and ironically it was around the time I was searching the net for new talent in Chicago. Any who Flowrs caught my ear with his ballad about really just being a good kid in the mad city of Chicago. Interesting to think that a south side bred Chicago artist could create such a west coast sound. I want to quickly compare him to Kendrick Lamar but their content is all that matches their flows are completely different. I find myself relating to this artist and I feel with granted improvements others from Chicago at least will flock to his sermon of expressing what you like even if your environment won’t accept you for it. Also apparently he got the beats for sale as well so get at him for that. His next project “One Hell of a Promo” drops October 8th, 2013.

Progress Report
– His content is their his flow is consistent from track to track,
– Instead of just out performing his feature he melds well with their talent level to balance the record out.
– High potential ceiling, he is there but he is not there quite yet.
– Nothing major to work on his game is all-around good just needs to find a way to rough out the edges.

Style Equivalent: Kendrick Lamar


4.) C. Rich

Twitter: @CRICHalchemist

C. Rich is the only R&B artist on the list but he is high on my list for his talent level out shines most run of the mill hip-hop artist. He will not rap too you he will sing too you all day and well into the night. He only has an interest in that one simple concept that R&B is supposed to be a slow and steady ride that puts you all into your feelings. C. Rich is a fundamentally sound artist and is a true genius as he pieces a song together in the studio. Even though he has only recently released his own music he has been helping artist of both the R&B and Hip-Hop trade in Chicago hone their skills from a production perspective. Songwriting, production and just basic song crafting this man will be making money in the game off one of these skills. Did I mention he had a great singing voice? “Certified Organic” is his most recent project, so run you a nice long bath ladies, and let C. Rich serenade as you soak your body.

 Progress Report


– Fundamentals, he has them in his back pocket.
– Intelligent voice work on tracks never over does it or down plays it.
– Writes songs with the intent to draw you in lyrically.

– None
Style Equivalent: The Dream

3.) Ern Cobain

Twitter: @Erncobain

I have said this once and I will say it again; Ern Cobain is the best rapper in Chicago. Whether you give him a listen or not and choose to agree or disagree by the current standards of music he meets them with ease and exceeds them with sheer effort alone. Ern Cobain is the second in command behind leader Jay Fresco in WWR(WealthWorthyRepublic). Ern has the ability that some artist like say Lil’ Wayne has where he can just demolish any beat lyrically. He proved that with his first mixtape “The Only Heir” as he took some popular instrumentals mixed with labelmate Jay Fresco’s production and spit back to back make you say “Ohh” bars track for track. Ern is now preparing his next project “Music and Other Drugs”, where he teams up with a hand-picked group of producers to prove his overall musical ability. His first single is “Druglord” produced by C-Sick which is the first of many tracks to come from this dynamic musical duo.

Progress Report


– A true student and natural born talent of the game, flow and song structure is bar none one of the best I have heard from any artist in Hip-Hop.


– Has trouble finding production that matches his monster approach to the mic.

Style Equivalent: Outkast


2.) C-Sick

Twitter: @CSick_

As a Chicago hip-hop enthusiast I feel lucky that our city has a producer like C-Sick. His approach to the game matches up with the attitude of the city. C-Sick is simply put a scrapper, he is hard working and a perfectionist. Although C-Sick is known for his work with King Louie and stepping on to the scene with the drill music wave, C-Sick is ready to separate himself from the pack of just trap beats. C-Sick has worked with Nas, Fabulous and most recently Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber on the song “Twerk.” C-Sick’s potential is high and we will be in the game putting on for our city in no time at all quote me on this one.

 Progress Report


– Can make a beat for any type of artist. Any other questions?

– One of the best work efforts, he stay in the gym so to speak.



Style Equivalent: Just Blaze


1.) Chance The Rapper

Twitter: @chancetherapper

2 years ago on a nice Wednesday summer night I am sitting in YouMedia enjoying the poetry and the vibe of everyone around me. Suddenly, the mood changed when this bouncy light skin kid came straight through the door and on to the stage. “Hi my name is Chance The Rapper and I am gonna rap.” is what came out of his mouth as some in the room sighed at the sight of that “rapper dude” and others were all smiles because the “rapper dude” was back. At the time I did not think too much of Chance but it is clear now that his music has an impact on a lot of youth in this city and is growing in other cities as well. The front man of Save Money, Chance is the poster child of everything positive about Chicago Hip-Hop. If you are a Chicago artist or fan of the Hip-Hop coming out of this city you must believe in Chance. Chance is on a higher level now since now he is able to tour but he isn’t in the same conversation as the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Tyler the, Creator or ASAP Rocky quite yet and it is imperative that he gets there. Acid Rap is the best musically sounding project that has come out of Chicago since this renaissance begun. And in order for it to continue and for the other artist I mentioned on this list to make it Chance must get to the next level.


Progress Report


– Musically the most gifted in Chicago he knows what sounds good.

– Not afraid to experiment with sounds


-Would like to see how he fairs on next level production something from Pharrell or Timbaland perhaps.

– Needs to strength his effort on features.

Style Equivalent: Slick Rick


Take the conversation to social media with the #ChicagoArtistIBelieveIn and let me know who you are rooting for.

Alexander Stockstell is the Editorial Assistant for True Star Magazine. Stockstell has performed over 50+ interviews most notably interviews done with; Reggie Rose, Big Sean, Erick Sermon, Dick Gregory and most recently T.I..

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Trayvon Martin: More Questions Than Answers – By Mike Will The Great


Today’s “Royal Guest” is hip-hop artist Mike Will from Chicago. In this post, Mike Will pens a narrative letter on America’s new favorite topic: Trayvon Martin.  


February 26, 2012 I was walking home from the store after purchasing some snacks, I was wearing a pair of Jordan 20’s, Khaki pants and a grey hooded sweater pulled over my head. I’ve seen Justin Bieber where this plenty of times and no one felt threatened, So why on this nightmare of a night did I,  a 17 year old boy get approached by a 28 year old man for looking suspicious???

The only thing different from me and Bieber is the skin color, is that why you followed me Mr. Zimmerman? I call you Mr. Because my parents (MOTHER and FATHER) raised me to be a respectful young man and even though you took my life I’ll still give you the respect you deserve as my elder. You get out of your truck and ask me what am I doing? What I said isn’t important. The fact that it’s late, I’m a 17 year old minor and being followed by a 28 year old guy who had a hundred plus pounds over me and appears to be fishing for trouble, terrifies me. I say had because I’m no longer living my story is being told in the past tense. Nevertheless, we get into an altercation and I protect myself, but why’d he let me fight him knowing he had a gun?

If you were so concerned with the break-ins why didn’t you tell me you were neighborhood watch, and was concerned with crime in the area? Why didn’t you warm me you were armed, why didn’t you say, “excuse me young man, My name is George Zimmerman and I’m the self appointed neighborhood watch just making sure you’re ok, it’s late and you appear to be lost.” Don’t you think showing a little compassion for the situation would make me more receptive to being approached by a stranger? Why not ask if I need a phone to call my parents or if I need a ride home?

Back to the altercation, the only thing that is for certain is we did get into a fight. You said I grabbed for your gun but none of my finger prints are on it. You said I was beating your head against the ground but if I’m on top of you as you said I was why is that none of my blood got on you or the gun after you shot me? As I lay there dying, no one calls the ambulance and everyone pulls out their camera phone to take pictures of me. The worst part of me dying is I couldn’t tell my parents, my brother and my friends, I love them. No one around held my hand to console me and say it’ll be ok. With my last breath I saw my killer and the cops who protected him. The took his statement and to my misfortune they couldn’t take mine.

When the police took Mr. Zimmerman’s statement he said he was neighborhood watch and that he thought I looked suspicious, we got into a physical altercation, he feared for his life and defended himself. The cops didn’t test him for drugs or alcohol they just took his statement and let him go. As I lay there lifeless, they take me to the mortuary and drug test me! The audacity of them to drug test victim and not murderer. Time passes, my mom puts out a missing person report and even thought I had a cell phone on me where they could’ve called back the last person I talked to and had them notify my parents. They kept me in the freezer for 3 days is there something they were trying to hide is there something that another autopsy would have showed?

Fast forward time my case goes to trial and 6 jurors of his peers found him not guilty on any charges. Many ask, what f I was white and he was black? or what if the child was rich and the shooter was poor? It’s so many things that could have factored into me receiving justice. Such as What if my prosecutor was better prepared? or What if my trail was allowed to be viewed from the time of his call to the police where they told him not to follow me.

No ifs, or maybes can bring me back but maybe it can make changes for the future. Maybe it can be some alterations to the “Stand Your Ground Law” maybe we can have a “Trayvon’s Law” where as if you see something suspicious you’re only allowed to call the police and give a description of the situation and let the professionals decide if there a legitimate threat or not. Also maybe we can get a change in the racial profiling by police with “The Stop and Frisk” of young African American males between the age of 16-28, maybe this is the reason why you Mr. George Zimmerman felt comfortable saying things like “these people always get away” over the dispatch call. Also this maybe is why you saw me as a suspect because you’ve been unconsciously taught to think that young black males are up to no good.

Anyway, at the end of the day I’m am laid to rest and now my parents have restless nights. I don’t wish for you to get murderer! I don’t wish for you to have restless nights! I wish for you to go to sleep and wake up the next morning with love in your heart and equality on your mind. Dear Mr Zimmerman although you murdered me I forgive you. I know many may say who am  to forgive you?

I am a child, a brother, a young teenager, a friend, a football player, and most importantly another young life cut short way to early because of ignorant thinking, I AM TRAYVON MARTIN!


Mike Will The Great (MWTG)