Kween K Presents *Katie Got Bandz* *KWEEN K EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW*

A while ago, while searching around on Youtube, I came across a particular artist that really intrigued me. Fast forward to this past weekend, and I now had the pleasure of interviewing KATIE GOT BANDZ face to face….

Watch as me and miss “I need a hitta” chop it up about all parts of her music and even a little bit of her personal life…..

By the way, Who Is Katie? The Mixtape Hosted By DJ Hustlenomics drops March 17th, 2012 which also happens to be my birthday ^________________^.

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More Than Insanity: Hitz Da Calamity

I live for fresh lyricism. And when I speak about Hitz, or better known to most as Hitz Da Calamity, I’d say his lyricism is something fresh, something unique, and something never done before.
I had the pleasure of interviewing the 19 year old underground artist, and chopped it up with him as we discussed where he comes from, what inspires him, and his future projects…
             Enough of me talking tho. Click on the link and see for yourself.

What’s A Drill Anyways?

 Today I had the random pleasure of figuring out what a drill was today.

Well, at least the version Fatzmack so eloquently told me over the phone.

According to him, he said a ”drill” is


In hood nigga terms, a ”drill” is RIDIN’ DOWN ON THE OPPS, AND BLOWIN’ AT THEY ASS”

So for those who didn’t get a clear and concise definition on my drill music blog post, I’d say drill music is…. MUSIC THAT TELLS THE STORY OF DOING A DRILL. OR RAPPING ABOUT THAT PARTICULAR LIFESTYLE.

Anyways, coming from one of the originators of the word drill,  here a few videos ya’ll can check out to gain a further understanding.


 R.I.P. Pac Man

Evolution of Drill Music

“This shit lame!”

“They not even lyrical!”

“These muthafuckas ratchet!”

“This shit raw!”

“What the fuck is a drill anyways?”

Whether people like it or not, there is a music craze taking over the city, and its called drill music.

Hood ass, ghetto ass, popular music made by familiar faces in the city of Chicago….

What’s even better? The people who make this music are mostly under the age of 21.

A lot of people disagree with this type of music, but I personally salute them. I salute them because these teens are doing something productive with their lives, and somehow beating the statistics society places against them. To me, making music seems like their outlet.

And what a popular outlet it is.

Everywhere a person might go, You hear people rapping their lyrics, singing their hooks, and imitating the behavior they see in the various videos.

The popularity of these artists fascinates me. Even the lifestyles they live. The shit they rap about. ALL of it is fascinating.

Think about it like this: Everyone needs a voice. And even if you don’t agree with what they’re saying, you can’t deny they’re talking about something real. Would you rather them be out actually doing a ”drill” or just making music, having fun and living life?

If all else fails, at least the beats are catchy.

Below, I’m going to post some of the music and videos I’ve stumbled upon, that I like…. Hope yall like it too. Support ’em. If you don’t support ’em, at least respect ’em. 

Welcome to Drill Music…………………….