Hittz Feat. Capo – Go Tyme ( DJ HUSTLENOMICS EXCLUSIVE )

Hitz Da Calamity is back at it again with a hot new single off his highly anticipated mixtape hosted by DJ Hustlenomics. Along with with some lyrical content from the main advocator of the #NoTalking movement, (Who goes by the name of Capo) “Go Tyme” is a song SURE to make you want Hitz Da Calamity’s mixtape to come faster!

Don’t just take my word for it… Press play.

New Single Sundays : "Lightning" -Hitz Da Calamity

Chicago’s very own Hitz Da Calamity is back with a new single off his upcoming mixtape!
Released earlier this weekend “Lightning” was produced by well known Chicago bred producer Chase N Dough and released as a DJ Hustlenomics exclusive.
Press play as Hitz teases us with only a sample of what his forth coming  mix-tape will bring.
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More Than Insanity: Hitz Da Calamity

I live for fresh lyricism. And when I speak about Hitz, or better known to most as Hitz Da Calamity, I’d say his lyricism is something fresh, something unique, and something never done before.
I had the pleasure of interviewing the 19 year old underground artist, and chopped it up with him as we discussed where he comes from, what inspires him, and his future projects…
             Enough of me talking tho. Click on the link and see for yourself.