Rated REAL: Would You Accept A Number 2?

Boy I swear, 95% of these “reality” tv shows make black females look stupid as hell.
Even though I partake in the ignorance of these broads by watching some of these shows, I still feel the need to comment on the debauchery I see.
Besides, every female has a little bit of ratchetness in them. *Kween K Shrug*
Anyways, last night I watched Love And Hip Hop: ATL and to put it simply, I was appalled and entertained by the “love triangle” between MiMi, Stevie J, and that Joseline lady.
MiMi, like other dumb ass females in this world, often get caught up in the glitz and glam of a man taking care of her, and the security it offers. 
Most of you females must of missed out on those wise talks with your mom or grandma’s because somebody should’ve told you broads that “Everything that glitters ain’t gold”.

Society and ancient history says that a male isn’t meant to be monogamous, it isn’t in his DNA. That being said, that is why in most cultures men take on more than one wife, or even animals such as lions, impregnate more than one female lion.
However, in these modern times, I believe that is a bunch of bullshit, because no sexually active male has the mental capacity and financial means to continue history and actually marry more than one female.
Anyways, I can’t stand a female who believes that as long as a man has money and takes care of you, it’s okay for him to have sex with another one, have another relationship, basically accept another bitch because she doesn’t want to mess up her money.
I swear that’s the dumbest theory I have ever witnessed and heard. 
Females need to understand their worth, and know that a dollar sign doesn’t accompany it.
To knowingly be made a fool of is just stupid, and it leaves me to ask a very simple question..
If your man took care of you, WOULD YOU ACCEPT A NUMBER 2?